Terrapia Barcelona
Clay, CBD and naturals products.
In our shop you will be able to discover naturals products for healthcare, bodycare and cosmetics. We will offer you all our assesment to find out the best treatment for you, acording to everyone specificity. On top of that you will be able to receive our treatments on site, terapeutical, desintoxication or cosmetics one.


Arcilla cuidados Barcelona

For extens treatment we have two nice cabins for the use of customer, that will allow you to enjoy a confortable and peacfull rest at the same time that you are taking the treatment. For less extens treatment, you can use the long chair and enjoy an open space, with wifi and music. Confortably installed and well assesed you will be able to begin the exploration of the clay possibilities and wellness.


Terrapia Barcelona


You will find in our shop a range of products in the brands we choose. You will find the complete range of clay products, terapeutical, cosmetics and daycare. The CBD range also is well represented with creams, ointments and body milk. And to finish with a floorished touch, we will propose you Alepia, dedicated to the skin in all his aspects with soap, oils and ointment.


Arcilla Terrapia Barcelona

We did want to offer you a confortable and intimate space. In beetwin the doctor and your house, where we can answer some of your body questions and solve your problems in a respectfull and natural way. First you are a human person, not only a illness. We include in our diagnostic much more than the simptoms of your pain only, everything that should be taken in consideration.

What our body wants is to be heard and responded by the means of it's own recuperation. The clay is one of them.


Tienda Terrapia Barcelona

Idealy situated in the center of the town of Barcelona, you can reach it by foot, subway, buses or car.

Villarroel Street, nº 108. 08011 Barcelona

Phone: + 34 932 694 160

Buses: stop nº 173,


Líne V11  - Líne 37 - Líne 59

Urgell, Line L1 (red).


Monday :         CLOSED

Tuesday:         10:00 -13:30    16:00- 19:00

Wednesday:    10:00 -13:30    17:00- 20:00

Thursday:        10:00 -13:30    17:00- 20:00

Friday:             10:00 -13:30    17:00- 20:00

Saturday:         10:00 - 14:00

Sunday:           CLOSED