The digestive system represents the largest border in between outside and inside our body, muche bigger than the skin or lungs. 80 % of the human diseas comes from the digestive system. Most of our imunological system is in it trying to protect us from outside bacterias, virus and contamination.

The ultra ventilated green clay of Argiletz is recomanded for internal use for the relief of many gastrics and digestive problems, like acidity, diarrheas, bad digestion nad many more and to restore the good balance inside our body.

Arcilla uso internoPreparation:

At night, throw a coffe spoon (wood spoon) of ultra ventilated green clay in a glass of mineral water, stir well and leave it stay until the next morning.

The next morning, fasted, you stir well the clay and the water and you drink everything.

You can do this cure for 3 weeks, one or two times a years (Spring and automn are the best period).

In case of hard belly pains, due to an excess of food or a little infection, you can prepare and serve a glass of water without hoping the night, just 10 minutes and give it for drink.

In case of constipation, you have to follow another way:

Prepare the clay with mineral water like shown before, but at the next morning, you don't stir and you drink the transparent water that is on top of the clay underneath

When the digestive transit come back to normal (end of constipation) you take back the normal way, stirring and drinking all the clay in teh morning.


Never do with clay:

  • Never use metal or plastic (Wood or glass)
  • Never use tap water. Always use mineral water
  • Don't mix with parafin or Ricin oi (It will make a very hard cement!)

 arcilla ultraventilada uso interno

Clay carateristics

  • The clay is natural dirt. It doesn't stain and it doesn't clog drains.
  • The use of clay do not provoke any side effects neither allergies. It is compatible with most of chemicals and medicals treatments.
  • As it is a natural and inoffensive product there is no overdosis.