The 10 golden rules of clay

Never use metal or plastic in the cly preparation. Only use wood, glass or ceramics (watch the varnish?) for the bowl and the spoon.

Never use tap water, only mineral water either for intenal use as external use.

Never allow the clay to dry. When you apply it on poultice, be sure to put in off clay that the poultice doesn't dry. In case of the clay would get dry it would provoke a light dehydratation of skin on the affected area with scratching feelin. You just have to spread some natural vegetal oil or any bodymilk to stop this feeling.

Do not seal neither wrap the clay with plastic food film. The clay needs to breath, either in the bowl or when applied on the skin. Always cover or wrap with cotton fabric to allow the clay to breath.

Do not mix clay with paraffin or castor oil, mostly in the internal use of clay. The combination of clay with one of this product would creat a strong and hard cement.

Do not run. Only apply a poultice if you have time to do so. It is not worthy to do one if you will leave it only 30 or 45 minutes. The minimum is 1 hour up to 3. Yo can also do over night poultice. But in this case we advise you to enquire for the benefits of it before begining.

THe clay does not have any side effect (except the local and little dehydratation if you let drying the poultice), neither allergies or reaction on nobody. It is only dry dirt.

The clay does not makes any damage to anything in case of spilling. It doesn't stain or dirty the fabrics and it is very easy to remove with a wet sponge or rag. Neither it stack the drains or sewage.

Never reuse a used clay. It's charged with toxins and should be discarted in the organics waste. There is some possibilities to recycle it. For thos interested, we suggeste to put you in contact with us throught our contact mail.

Always going to the bathroom before begining a poultice. The is diuretic and you will learn rapidly that it is very unconfortable to go to the bathroom with a poultice on the body !

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