"The clay is a mineral dirt substance made essentially from aluminium hydrosilicate. His main property is that, mixed with water, it becomes a plastic paste, ready to be work for diferent6s uses. When it dry, it contract and become unalterable. Those characteristics made the clay one of the first material to be crafted by man, and still now it has large use acrosse the society."

COTE FRAMIS - En “El poder curativo de la arcilla”, (Oceano Ambar).

Clay comes from wind and water erosion on differents kinds of rocks. The clay has a mineral composition and is steril. This erosion will get packed in valleys wich will creates deposits of differents kind of clay.

One NASA therory says that the clay did provide a good shelter to the first bacterias coming out to life. The clay did protect them from sun light UV rays and allow their development on their way to life.

There is many diferents type of clay. Wich means diferents properties and uses. We meet them in construction, in ceramics process, in agriculture, in chemistry sector and the petrol sector also, in the paper industry, in cosmetics, and many others uses. Of course the most important for us is the impact on our health.


Animales and clays

From always, the animals did use the hight power of clay to cure themselves. How many times we did see this picture of wild animales taking a bath of clay in television or even eating it. From the start of the times, they did know how to profit from the healing properties of clay. For all types of wound, open wound or inside wound, something that could be letal in normal times, get cured by some clay bath, wich provide them with its antiseptics, antinflamatory, fast cicatrisation and pain relief.

It can be used either as external use or internal use. Most of the animals (except pure carnivors) eat clay. Even birds and mammals are clay eater, for the benefit of the intestinal transit and to evacuate all the bad bacteries. They do it time to time to maintain the good balance of their inside organs. Humans did copy them, and where you see animals taking a mud bath or eating clay youy can be sure that the clay is good quality at this place.

Arcilla y animales

Still today we are using the clay to cure our pets and also the horses. They often have tendon problems and they don't accept very good the medicaments, so the clay is a good, natural and respectfull solution for them. Also it is very afordable!

Clay and Medecin

Men was made out of clay, says the bible. The antic history is full of mentions about clay in the medical treaties. The egypcians did use it for it conservation property in the process of the mummies, but also it was used by the egypcians doctors to cure burns and open wounds, and also in internal use to heal the digestive system. But the main use was in cometics to clean and maintain the skin clean and neet for the importants Ladies in Egypcian society. In the bible, Jesus do miracle with it, when it give back the view to a blind man, making a clay poultice on his eyes. Galien, a Greek doctor who did give its basis to modern medecin, did discover a very good clay in the Lemnos island. He did make business with it, and fast the "Terra Lemaniae" (Lemnos dirt), becames very popular all around the mediterranean sea 400 years before Christ. And still now you can find this clay in some special shop, mostly in Greece.  

Arcilla medicina Terrapia Barcelona

Our grand fathers and mothers did know much about it, and it was normal to include the clay in medical cure as well as plants. In fact it was the invention and industrialisation of the new medicins in the 1920', that put the clay out of the medical circuit. But at the oposit than plants and clay, the moderns medicins don't cure the problem, they just hide it, by taking out the pain to allow us to keep our daily ratrace! But the original problem is still here and will probably come back much stronger and with much more bad consequences.

The clay allows a complete cure process, definitive and in accordance with the human body. It will act diferently on each of us, respecting the diferences and every one specifications. There is no side effects, no allergies and no negatives reactions to clay when it is applied on human body. As it is only dirt, there no overdosis and if you miss it one day it will not change nothing to the cure.

The clay strongly actuate with our body, always taking the bad things (inflamation, dead cells, virus and bacteries,...) out, and brings to the body all the ingredients it needs to accelerate the healing process and fix the damaged tissues.

Still now we don't know all the possibilities of the clay on the human and animal body, and even on the plants it works very good to heal broken branches or spread on the dirt!

In Terrapia we want to show every one the multiples advantages of the use of clay in our day life !


Arcilla y futuro

Arcilla y futuro

Clay is a natural mineral dirt wich doesn't need quimical treatment before it comercialization.  What means few productions steps needed, a natural product, a worlwild availibility  and a very low cost.

  • Clay is extracted from the soil in open sky quarry or can be digged in the ground.
  • The basical composition of the product do not vary on the process
  • The only accepted treatment is to be dried under the sun. It allow the clay to be sun charged and full of electrical potencial. Then it is aplasted depending the wanted size, up to very fine.
  • As it is a natural product with more than 50 years of recognized terapeutical use, it can't be patented neither monopolized.
  • As you can find it all over the world, it would be a very eficient, cheap and local medicin for most of the disease and injuries the human suffers.


Since always, human being did find in the nature the ways to heal himself. The clay is one amongs others, like plants or fast.

The implantation of the new medical system, based on medecin and chemistry, did take away from the us our capacity to decide whats is good or not for our health, depending only on the diagnostic of the doctor. Today we can see that this system doesn't work at all. The price of the treatments had rocketted, the resistence to the medicin did increase a lot and the feeling of having a good health is increasing fast, even if we live longer than before.

"Medicin did make so much progress, that today nobody is in good shape....!"

Aldous Huxley

Clay, plants, fast, Taichi, Yoga,... could be very efectives weapon to develop a respectable medicin for everybody, everywhere. The qualities of the modern medicin combined with the old tecnics and ingredients could allow the creation of a alternative medicin.  In spite of heal us it would prevent us from having diseas and maintain us in good shape for all our life.

" The real target of the real medicin is to avoid the illnes not to cure them, like the chines do in the ancient times "