About us

In 1980, Isabelle fortunately discovery of clay

1980 - "One day, a friend of me did fall from a 4 meters hight ladder. He did broke 2 ribs, it was very painfull, and it would involve a longue and painfull cure ! The doctor couldn't help us and said that on ribs traumatisms you canno't do much except staying in bed, not laughing neither caffing and must have a slow and soft breath. At the end of the appointment he said that we could try something, but he did not really believe in it but he said that it was one of the only cure possible to try. So he advise us to try with clay for pain relief. We bought some at the pharmacy and began to apply the clay in a very awkward way and wait.

After 24 hours and 3 poultices, 80 % of the pain did vanish! Isabelle was astonished by the power of this dirt. Since then, she use clay to heal herself and her family and friends, even kids and animals! The clay becames her first and last aids kit!

We still don't know the entire scope of the ailments cured by clay ! Every new case is a new challenge and the clay most of the time will have a positive action on it. What we know is that clay can be profitable for: burning and all skin cicatrisation process, sprains, skin cuts, open and inside wound and injuries, chocks and bone ruptur, every cicatrisation process, arthrosis and arthritis, warts, moles suspects, migraines, sides effects of heavy treatments like chemotherapy and hepatitis treatment, (the list is not complete)... A serious medical study could enlight us about the power of clay but there is still nothing like that today !

Folk medicine

The clay is included in the folk medecin, because you find it easily in nature, everybody can use with no fear of bad reactions and it cure many things of diferents types. Also it comes from antiquity and the proof of it's eficiency exist even if many don't want to see them. On this way, Isabelle learn diferent rechnics about the power of the body to cure it self, the Chinese traditional medicine and the medical stimulation techniques. All those medicals and terapeuticals tecnics made that Isabelle becames very sensible to our body, the way it works and up ability to fix itself. Her teacher was Thierry Bollet.

Thierry Bollet did help to implant acupuncture and the chinese traditional medicin trought the implantations of school in France, starting in Paris. They are still working today. He also did organize some international actions to help to care and cure people from rural areas, like Morroco, with acupunctur.

All of this FREE

The concept of the antic chinese traditional medicin is radicaly oposit of the occidental medicin ethic. On the occidental, way the important thing is the diagnostic and the cure (mostly chimical one), it is a paliative medicin, the origin of the problem stay hidden. Today a good doctor is a doctor with a full waiting room.

In the chinese traditional medicin, the doctor did pass trought the village every year, house to house and did visite all the members of the family. Spending sometime days in one house, he gave each members a list of personalizaed recomandations to AVOID illness and diseas. They did pay him and let him go until the next time. If in between one member of the visited family was ill or sick, the doctor should come at the house and cure him back up to normality, GRACIOUSLY. He was not paid. A good doctor was a doctor who did have very few sick people.....

Isabell was impressed by this idea and filosofy. At this time she was learning to mix and take the best out of each medecins. So you can mix clay and plants, or put the clay on some strategics acupuncture points to activate some efects!

Isabelle and Sebastian

10 years later in 1991, Isabell and Sebastian did meet and He was impacted by the power of clay wich he did adopt quickly. The easyness, no side effects, cheap and very eficient virtues of the clay was so great that he did begin to use it for him and his family.

At the same time, Isabelle did begin a modern cognitive therapy named "rebirthing" with Jacques de Panafieu. He did brought it from the USA. It is a breath technic that allow to acrry consciousness in the original memory. It is a psycotherapy based on the emotional side of people more than the intelectual side.

Althought, Isabelle did write a book and her experience in a french sect.

At this time a doctor did give her hormones to soften the effects of menopause....

After 6 monthes, when Isabelle was 50', she was detected with a 4 cm size tumor in her left breast,  and a grade 3 cancer wich threatening her life. It was like if the world would come all over her ! Mother of two daughters, she did saw her life changing and turn into a nightmare. Isabelle did enter the french "Institut Gustave Roussy" in Paris, a leading european center against cancer. She had to go trought all the steps in the cancer treatment, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

A much smaller scar

But on every of those steps, Isabelle did use clay to relieve the side effects of anti cancer treatments. She did apply poultices every day on the tumor and after every chemotherapies. Also she did begin to use the clay in internal use much more frequently. She did it to desintoxicate her body from all the poisoning substances of the treatment. It also did help her a lot to evacuate the radiations after every session of radiotherapy. Every time the clay did help her body to get back to a certain level of internal balance. It was very important and she could'nt miss any poultice neither any glass of clay water she drunk. After surgery also Isabelle did apply some clay poultice to help and accelerate the cicatrization process. The results were impressives, the scar is very small, with very little marks and no fisical consequences. She did not suffer from any normal symptoms attached with the cancer treatment except the lost of her hair.

After this challenge, Isabelle came out much stronger psychologically and with much more faith in life even if she was fysically disminuished (the lost of a breast and the violence of the treatment). The clay had been the main ingredient of her salvation. This did impulse her in her crusade to make the world know about the terapeutical power of clay and it's infinite applications.

Humanizing the cure

After the cancer Isabelle did continue to practice the clay and natural medicins. In 2015, with Sebastian, they decide to creat a donation fund in France named "Humanisosn la Guérison" (Humanize the cure) to support and promote the divulgation and difusion of some powerfull forgotten medicins wich are: acupuncture, fasting, clay and hipnosis. Combined with the actuals chemicals treatments they can accelerates them and reducing the side effects, body and mind destruction. The harmony in between the medicin are the tomorrow medicins!

To help and dynamised the donation fund, Isabelle did do a first short film about breast cancer prevention and to support the Gustave Roussy goal. This spot has been published by the most important french television channels all along 2014 and 2015 graciously. Strong of this experience she did do another spot about acupuncture and cancer treatment. Also with very little budget and a lot of good will. It did name "Akuzen" and he had also been showed on the mains french channels. The goal should be that every year the dotation fund succeed on making a short spot about complementary medicins on heavy treatments like cancer, Sida, hepatitis,....

Natural medicines

To culminate this engagement oriented to the world of naturals therapies, Isabelle and Sebastian decide to create "Terrapia, The earth heal you". Since then, they spend all their time on it. The dream comes through with the opening of the world first shop for therapeutical clay cares, in Barcelona. It was on march 2016.

The project is articulated around four main lines of natural products:

  • Argiletz illite green clay
  • The CBD, cannabis derivated medicins
  • Alepo products (soap and natural oils for skin care)
  • Essentials oils.

All our products have been tested on ourselves, are naturals and ecologicals.

The reason of proposing those 4 main lines of products are the interactions that can be develloped inbetween them for our well-being.


In the Terrapia shop in Barcelona, you will be able to find all our products and our advices and counselling to find the good combination for you. It will also be posible to try in situ the different treatments based on our products and down by us ! You will discover the power of clay for the relief of many kind of pains and how we do it, so you can repeat it at home and lower even more the cost of this therapy.

Our main philosofy is to bring back the patient in the center of the diagnosis and cares. Before being illness and diseas with strange names we are human, woman and man and kids, who needs to be treated so. To think that a pills will save us is a dangerous bet on the futur for our wellness and freedom. We still can find all what we need to cure ourselves in nature, in an ecological, respectull and cheap way.  It only depends on us to choose to wright path !