Discover our treatments in our Barcelona clay center.

Pain relief treatment

Clay is a powerful anti inflamatory, analgesic and it accelerate the restoration of the tissues and the cicatrisation process.

When you arrive at our center, first of all we will speak with you in an exhaustive interview to know more about you and your lifestyle. Then you tell us why you are here, what kind of pain you are suffering, since when, after what it did appear, and what could be the reason of this pain if there is no evident one (accident, sprain, chock,...). So we can establish the diagnosis and the treatment needed and for how long.
Then we start it for your fast recuperation !

We will start to apply poultice(s) on the affected area(s) for at least one hour (recommandede time is 1h30). After this time we will clean the clay and we will do a massage with essential oil or indicated cream (depending on the diagnoisis) to complement the clay work.

Arcilla tratamiento anti-dolor Arcilla tratamiento anti-dolor Arcilla tratamiento anti-dolor

Treated problems:

  • Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Joint and muscle pains
  • Sprains
  • Tendinitis
  • Open wounds and infections
  • Chronic pain
  • Circulatory problems
  • Ulcers
  • In cancer treatments to reduce the side effects of chemotherapies
  • Dermatological problems
  • Ask us for any other health problem !

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Detoxification Treatment

When you have a car, you bring it to the garage to make some revision and maintain it in a good working condition. The revision mostly means changing the diferents filter in the engine. In the body it should be the same, but we never do it. We never take out the toxins, dead cells and body waste.

Arcilla tratamiento de desintoxicación

We spend most of our time working, running, breathing, eating,.... But when do we take out the garbages ? How much time do we really dedicate to our body to make it running better ? Not much and it should carry us up to 100 years....?

Some paradoxal situations for our body

  • The food we eat is closer to the poison than healthy food.
  • The aire we breath is contamited so our lungs.
  • The new sinthetic materials that we touch or wear are unknown by our organisme and finish inside it.
  • The medicins don't cure anymore, some basterias become resistant, the sides effects are becoming terribles with the time. The medicin doesn't cure but just hide the pain by a bigger problem.
  • The jobs we do, are statics, repetitives and doesn't fullfill us with wellbeing.

For all thoses reason, we think that we should take more care of our body and listen the signals that it send us.

Clay is a very good allied for the detoxification process. The absorbtion and adsorption properties of the clay make it specially designed to take out the garbages that we store inside the body.
The clay will interact with the body and allow the toxins, bad cells and bad bacterias to get expulsed throught the clay.

The firste treatment has a one week duration. We should apply a poultice a day during 1h30 on the body, followed by a massage with essential oils on to help restore the basicals functions. It should be repeated one time a day during 7 days.

This treatment allow the body to discharge many toxins stocked. You will note a better mood, easier nights and mornings, more energy during the day.
After the treatment you do it one or two times a month during the rest of the year.

The price include 10 sessions, to be taken as convenient by yourself on a 6 months delay: 250€

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Cosmeticals Treatments

Arcilla tratamiento cosmetico

Since the woman are taking care of their aspect, they are using clay to enhance and enlight their skin face. We find clues of the use of clay for its cosmetics and beauty properties since antiquity. The egypcians, the arabics or the Greeks did use in their time, for skin and hair cares. The Ghassoul that use people from the Maghreb (Morroco and Algeria) for hair and skin is one type fo clay, brown one, with many good properties for us and is still used today!

Argiletz brand did devellop a whole range of products for hair and skin care, totally naturals and with a lot of benefics effects. Thoses products you will be able not only to buy them with our assesment, but also to try them applied by us. We offer you a personalized face treatment, based on clay combined with other naturals product to enjoy the relaxing and beautyfying benefits of it.

After a fast analysis of your skin and some informations about you, we will choose the 2 clays that will works the best with your personality. We will apply the firts one to clean and soften the skin, then after a time we will wash the clay and make it ready for the application of the second choosen clay and let it work. We wash again and we will apply a combination of essentials oils and natural oils to give your skin a fresh, soft and wellbeing feeling. All the applications on the face are made with a massage style movement by our personal that will increase the relaxing effect.

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Animals Terapeutical Treatment

Tratamiento caballo Barcelona

Clay is also good for our pets and animals, and has they are much more intolerant with moderns medicins they need 100 % natural treatment. Clay is one of them. We can use it on dogs, ctas and horses and quite all the animals on earth to heal and to relieve most of the pains. Muscular problems, joints pain, bones traumatism or skin diseas,...

Argiletz is develloping a new complet line of products for the care of horses based on clay and essentials oils. It will cover most of the horses health problems in a natural and respectfull way at a very competitive price.

For dogs and cats and other pets, you can use the basics products of the Argiletz catalog or send us a email to aske for more informations, we will be pleased to answer you and help you to cure your favorit animal!